View Full Version : No water thru head. Steam is great

06-07-10, 12:17
I have a Gaggia Classic. It produces wonderful steam but when I try and pump water through the head I get a few drips and then a whirring sound.
I've descaled but to no avail. Any idea's please on what to do next.
And secondly. I live in Taunton, Somerset is there any one near by who would be able to fix this machine if I'm unable to due to my useless diy skills.

06-07-10, 01:31
There is a Gaggia shop at Street, Somerset. I do not have their number but they might be able to help. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

06-07-10, 01:38
Try 01458-440971 or http://www.gaggia.uk.com/street.htm

Or maybe Lee might offer his services?

06-07-10, 01:57
Does the same thing happen when you try to pump water through the steam wand?

06-07-10, 04:22
hi, you seem to have a blocked solenoid from the sound of it, you will need a full service and possibly a replcement solenoid valve. mark