View Full Version : Bottoms up

19-06-10, 10:13
Hi coffee heads.

I'd like to talk bottoms, tamper bottoms which is best flat or convex? only one way to find out.......

or doesn't it make a blind bit of difference.

your opinion please.

19-06-10, 10:39
With your current setup* absolutely no noticeable difference at all

The general barista community is pretty evenly split and it comes down to personal style.

The convex tamper is meant to direct a little extra pressure towards the edge of the basket to form a tight seal, but a flat and level tamp with a well fitting flat based tamper can achieve the same results.

*by the way, there is nothing wrong with your setup. I have the same kit at home (except the beans)

20-06-10, 06:14
Thanks Glenn, I want to make sure I get the right base when I buy my Espro. Very informative as usual. I think I will go for the flat base.

*thanks for the reassurance.