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14-06-10, 07:32
Hiya, just wandering what you guys play online? I play;
www.sokker.org (http://www.sokker.org) (soccer management)
www.darkorbit.com (space browser game)
www.f1project.org (f1 game)

So, what do you play online whether it is browser or miniclip etc.?

14-06-10, 08:31
I don't play any of the browser-based games, although many websites now seem to be advertising them.

14-06-10, 08:52
I am addicted to this....


14-06-10, 12:58
Ha ha, yeah I love the quickfire pool!

14-06-10, 01:05
My online gaming is limited to hanging out in Second Life sometimes -- usually, in fact, while I'm dosing and grinding my morning shot. :)

My offline gaming is mostly limited to times when I have a cold or flu, can't sleep, and lack the mental focus for reading. At that point gaming offers just about the right combination of distraction and semi-mindlessness.

01-05-11, 02:38
I am addicted to this....


It is great.

Uphill rush (http://onlinegames14.com/play/game/uphill-rush-170.html)|games for teenagers (http://onlinegames14.com/)|age of war (http://onlinegames14.com/play/game/age-of-war-81.html)|girl dress up games (http://onlinegames14.com/play/game/girl-dressup-6358.html)|grow island (http://onlinegames14.com/play/game/grow-island-2323.html)

02-05-11, 07:14
no browser games here, but ive been playing a whole lot of darkspore since its release (who am i kidding, i was playing a lot in beta before release too, its ruining my life!)

02-05-11, 08:40
Used to play Shot Online golf a lot but have my life back now :)

Mrs Fixit
26-05-11, 06:18
I'm a COD widow so I don't play but I know all the battle cries :-) Any other gamers might know the clan, 15

26-07-11, 09:58
I am addicted to this....


Me too! Donīt really play online games, but that one is addictive. :)

04-08-11, 02:33
I must admit I'm a big fan of browser games (http://browsergames.co.uk) and browser based games (http://browsergames.co.uk)...my favourite would probably have to be Castle Empire (http://castle-empire.browsergames.co.uk/) (recently changed from The Settlers Online)...anyone else play?

04-08-11, 02:43
And also Fortune Online (http://fortune-online.browsergames.co.uk/), and DDTank (http://browsergames.co.uk/s/ddtank/), and, and, and! hehe

27-03-12, 07:23
I like to play online game and i have checked it out this all sites are very good to play online games. I have played Residence Evil, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Mario and World of Warcraft. These all games are very good to spend time and it is good way to reduce stress.

02-11-13, 07:26
i play on wow server (http://ironwow.com) world of Warcraft 3.3.5 super fun, instant level and super 2 realms ftp good game

15-11-13, 03:07
I love to play online games. I am addicted to this.

15-11-13, 12:18
You guys seem to be playing 'Online Gaming Promotions - Infiltration of Coffee Forums UK'...

05-12-13, 09:48
i only play online counter strike (http://topg.org/Counter-Strike) game global offensive because is for free and i have more fun using cheats to be honest