View Full Version : fs- iphone 5 16gb boxed

02-01-15, 01:54
I have for sale a good condition iPhone 5 16gb

I chose white, because unlike the black finish, the metal edges are not painted and as such they age far better and don't show up the fact they've been uses quite so readily.

Ive kept mine in a case since pretty much new and it is in very good condition.

Original box and charger still present

Prices seem all over the place for these things, bit given what id get from O2 just to recycle it, I'm aiming for a price of 140 including uk postage.

03-01-15, 10:28
Hi, i am interested could i see some pics ?, is it in full working order ? and could you tell me the serial number ? how is the battery life ? how old is it ? Is it unlocked ?

03-01-15, 10:54
i would be interested too.