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21-05-10, 08:49
Hello guys, I have checked out the forums on occasion and have finally found the time to join. I enjoy your enthusiasm and 'obsession' with coffee!
I have just had a hideous situation :mad: with an online seller, who has defrauded me out of the machine and my money - so I am machineless, coffeeless and out of pocket. Seriously unhappy.:mad:
Anyway, as I am taking legal action against them I will hopefully get my money back (around 800) and will be looking to replace my lost baby. I miss my early morning espresso....having to resort to a cafetiere at the moment, which just isn't the same as a freshly made latte or espresso.....
Its going to be a difficult choice, so I'll be scouring these forums for your expert advice and recommendations. I am SO wary of buying online now (this is a well known UK based supplier), I'm hoping to buy my new machine in store now. All I can say is READ THE SMALL PRINT when you buy - I sure as hell am going to do serious checks on who I buy from in future.
Anyway - bad story apart, I look forward to your wise words:)
thanks in advance....

21-05-10, 09:37
Welcome Mimiboo and sorry to hear of your difficulties. I hope that your situation can be resolved swiftly.
There are a few bad eggs in business but you get that in any industry.

I'm sure you'll receive some good advice and encouragement from the forum members.

Whilst legal action is still ongoing it would be unwise to name the supplier.

21-05-10, 10:12
Hi Glenn and thanks for the welcome.
Once I get my money I'm going to really enjoy spending it! I've already seen a couple of reviews here which sound good. I just SOOO miss my machine..and can't wait to get it replaced.

23-05-10, 02:53
Hi MB and welcome. Shame you've been burnt, but the passion is still there so great.

There will be plenty of us wanting to share your journey, and we will offer advice, taken or otherwise.

24-05-10, 01:39
That's not good. That does not seem right that you have paid for something you have not got. If you paid by credit card - are you covered under that? Some of the machines on line, I have never seen in an actual shop so you might have a job on your hands. Be prepared for a bit of driving. Not all online retailers are the same though.

30-05-10, 01:53
Thanks guys. I won't elaborate in a public forum, but suffice to say I have been completely conned out of approximately 800 by an online seller. Currently going through my credit card company to see if they can help, if that doesn't succeed then its county court. He's done it before (I have looked up & seen there have been a couple of similar issues on forums) and he may do it again, to someone less tenacious then myself - even if it costs me, I'm going to do my best he pays up eventually.
My budget, if I ever get the money back will be 800 and I'm determined to have fun selecting a replacement machine! I lost an Ascaso duo - which was wonderful, but I'm not sure if I would go for the same again. Ill be checking reputable dealers with you guys here before I lay out any serious money this time.
On another note - I just learnt here that 'cravendale' milk makes the best cappuccino ;) , which is a revelation!! and then...oh god....I think I'll be replacing my 'basic' grinder, as I've read some reviews here.
Great place!

30-05-10, 04:39
Finger's crossed, your credit card company will reimburse your money and then you can begin the search for a new machine.

Cravendale is good for cappuccinos and frothing milk. Also, I would recommend Tesco's pure milk (which seems to be their interpretation of Cravendale) which is also good (and slightly cheaper too).

30-05-10, 06:29
Good luck with your claim, and welcome. As for Cravendale, I'm a fan as well. Until I switched, I wasn't pleased with my milk texture unless I used semi-skim, but with Cravendale I'm getting very nice results with whole milk.

30-05-10, 06:35
Good luck also from me :) Cravendale semi skimmed just makes amazing latte's for me.....used it for the first time on the new machine today and beautiful wet look micro-foam was the result Espro jug helps also lol