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10-05-10, 10:23
My double baskets gone and died and its the only one I use, its 53mm and I've heard they are quite cheap to buy in bulk??.......also why would it die?......its got a small hole and what looks like a small rubber gasket....looks all very unnecessary...I just want a plain double one.....:(

10-05-10, 10:35
No need to buy in bulk - you can pick up 53mm baskets fairly cheaply as singles.

Sounds like a pressurised basket that you currently use.

Let me dig out a link for you for some 53mm basket options
53mm La Spaziale baskets should fit nicely

CoffeeHit (http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/PRD_ProductDetail.aspx?cid=108&prodid=681&Product=La-Spaziale-Double-Filter-Basket)
Happy Donkey (http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/hd0219.html)

As to why they die, pressure build up, heat, wear and tear - they all take their toll on baskets

10-05-10, 11:52
Just ordered through coffee hit.....I've used those and less hidden fees and cheaper postage than happy donkey...........thanks again dude :)......

12-05-10, 01:06
Ok just had a thought, what difference will the non-pressurised basket make??........and why do they put pressurised ones on in the 1st place??

12-05-10, 03:34
Pressurised baskets are used to make more crema, and help pull a better shot for novices (kinda like a foamer on a steam wand)


Baskets always go at the most annoying time, so when you're ordering order a couple and always have a spare ;)

12-05-10, 04:41
Just wondering will the pressure on my machine be to much for a non pressurised basket??..............I can't see that it will but you never know...

12-05-10, 08:16
No, you'd need a heck of a lot more pressure to bend a basket out of shape.

12-05-10, 09:02
Thanks as always dude :)

13-05-10, 03:16
Sadly it doesn't fit, arrived this morning and the rim is too wide....the basket fits in snug and tight but can't get it under my group head :(......don't know what to do now.....

13-05-10, 03:19
Take a file to it?? :P

13-05-10, 03:26
no file and pretty much bored with no coffee.........I'll just return I guess :(

13-05-10, 04:45
Best to return then

Is it a case of the basket being too wide or too high (eg a thinner gasket is required)?

Trying to find a UK Briel dealer is difficult. This is one of the pitfalls of using machines not widely available.

13-05-10, 05:18
indeed dude, returned it shall be.....just emailed my contact in Portugal to see if some could be sent......I just didn't want a pressurised one if possible......if I had the tools it would be easy to adapt the one from Coffee Hit.......