View Full Version : Back in Blighty

18-04-10, 02:44
I managed to get back home to the UK on Saturday morning after travelling home by minibus, ferries, taxis and car hire.

This crisis with no flying is hitting hard with many people stranded. I was one of the lucky ones to get back. The scene at Calais were very sad and I can't believe so little is being done. It's like New Orleans again, with people being expected to sort themselves out. Meanwhile companies are ripping people off during this crisis, preying on the desperate.

18-04-10, 04:32
Glad to hear you got back safe. This crisis is just awful. Expect to see certain food shortages very soon. Lets just hope the coffee can still get through!!

18-04-10, 05:31
Must be a pleasant relief to be safely home and doesn`t it all highlight how precarious the balance of our modern society is when something like this happens.