View Full Version : Feather Artist Club SS wooden scales razor

04-11-14, 03:26
Also for sale on The Shaving Room.

Excellent alternative to traditional straight razors for those not into honing and stropping. Includes a pack of Feather Pro Guard blades (one of the 15 used by me) which are very sharp but also safe due to the little notches on the face of the blade.

Gives a great shave and feels a lot closer to a real straight than the other shavette I owned previously.

I had 8 close shaves with the one blade I tried and I hear they are good for up to 15 good shaves so present very good value.

As made of stainless steel and comes with wooden scales rather than the more common moulded plastic, I am looking for 90 including RM 1st class for the razor and 14 blades.10019

working dog
04-11-14, 03:30
Looks great but the thought of using one, or for some illogical reason trapping my hand in the blade if I closed it sends my nuts up to my throat

04-11-14, 03:34
I got a tiny nick off it when fumbling it whilst admiring it. I think you'd have to go out of your way to cause serious damage with it. Still wouldn't shave naked using it mind you! [emoji2]