View Full Version : I think I've found my machine......

21-03-10, 01:38
La Pavoni.......beauty, function......and basic!.....anyone out there with experience of this beauty?? :)

21-03-10, 09:43
I saw one of these on ebay the other week. Can't remember what it went for. I do remember it needed a damn good clean though! Search ebay, you never know what you might find.

21-03-10, 01:45
They are great little machines. Once you get the hang of a manual lever they're great fun. Not great for steaming though as it only has the one boiler. If you buy second hand you'll nead a piston kit. It contains all the 'O' rings and seals for the piston asembly. As it's only the O rings that are holding the pressure back old ones tend to leak especially when at the higher pressure for the steam wand.

Good little fun machines and a pleasure to work on. Pain in the ass when it comes to milk IMO but if you're an espresso drinker, for the price it's a great little manual.



21-03-10, 03:19
I just love the look and control it lets you have.......I'm keeping a close watch on ebay! :)

21-03-10, 08:18
Nice to look at, (sometimes) difficult to master.
I haven't found them to be temperature stable, but then again many consumer machines are not.

I'm not in a rush to buy one and have had many opportunities to do so.

There are a few members here who own these and I am sure they'll pop along with their contributions.

21-03-10, 10:06
I've owned a Pavoni Pro since 1995 - but seldom used it because I couldn't get decent espresso from it. I made a concerted effort to learn how to use it last year - matching grind/dose/pressure etc and started to get tremendous enjoyment from it. However, imho, they're only good for one shot - after that things get worse. Switch on, warm up, pull one shot, switch off and forget about another for half an hour or so. If you can be happy pulling one shot they are great fun.

22-03-10, 01:17
I'm bidding on one atm........I just want it!! lol

22-03-10, 02:52
How exciting - good luck. Let us all know if you win auction. If you don't, remember there will be another auction in time. :waiting: