View Full Version : Wanted - wee (cheap) active monitors

21-08-14, 10:56
In case anyone has a pair going...

21-08-14, 11:53

These are currently at a good price for a pair of small, cheap monitors.

21-08-14, 11:58
Cheers. Got them on the watch list. What would be a decent finishing price? There's a pair of Alesis M1 mkIIs local to me finishing soon but one of them needs a new tweeter. Might go for them if can get them on the cheap.

22-08-14, 12:42
They're like 220 new so up to 150?
I'd wait for a pair of KRK V4s to come up. Amazing little speaker. True sound for it's size and will not rattle or resonate as the casing is really solid. Way better than the Rokits or any other speaker that size (apart from the newer VXT range).