View Full Version : 440 WEX Photographic Gift Vouchers for Sale

29-07-14, 01:47
Hello everyone.

To help my fund my coffee related purchases (see introduction post) I have 440 of WEX photographic gift vouchers for sale. I recently part exchanged a DSLR camera and lenses for a smaller model and have a credit remaining on my account which I have taken in gift vouchers. WEX is a fantastic store, which sells all things photographic including apple products, monitors etc.

Looking for 400 for them. I am in the buckingham/herts/beds area so I can do cash on delivery/collection if anyone is interested.

You can use these vouchers in-store (Norwich) or over the telephone.

Thanks. Please help me to get back into favour with the Mrs: 75 for a Tamper didn't go down too well! :dummy:

01-08-14, 10:51
The vouchers have been sold.