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03-03-10, 01:51
Can't belive how overpriced these are to the public!!!....I had a choice of 2 today and settled for the 1/6 bare gastro with knock handle(aprox £26 through happy donkey) really wanted the draw type but it was just too deep to go on my counter top under the machine(£89 through happy donkey)......through my firm only £4 for the gastro one and £20 For the stainless steel draw one....they really know how to squeeze every penny out of the public.....not picking on the donkey....to be honest they were probably the most reasonable I found online...the s/s draw one was £120 on some sites.....I'm thinking of Buying a load and putting them on ebay at reasonable prices...like under £10 for the gastro and £30 for the draw.....the mark up is horrific!!!:mad:

03-03-10, 09:29
Accessories do seem expensive, but can make a big difference to the experience. My knockbox and tamp stand are great but my wife thought I was crazy at the prize I paid.

03-03-10, 03:49
Let us know if you do buy bulk and put on eBay!! ;)

03-03-10, 09:42
Is there not a non-compete clause in your contract?

Retailers rely on a margin and in many cases is often much smaller than wholesale margins due to the volume and the risk they carry (buying stock in advance)

Knock-boxes are expensive for what they are. For cafes they are vital. The home user can use alternative knockout methods but knockboxes do serve a purpose. I have had my eye on a Cafelat one to replace my grindenstein. But it is on my gift list as it is a want not a need.

03-03-10, 11:06
I have got a clause :-(......shame.....i think the expense is what puts most folk off decent coffee.....

04-03-10, 09:14
Couldn't agree more about price. Although, recently prices have started to drop due to the increase in demand and awareness and a broader customer base emerging.