View Full Version : Samsung Galaxy Ace

Yes Row
15-07-14, 08:10
In good condition and unlocked so use on any network. It comes only with what you see and price includes postage but not fees. However prefer bank transfer.
As you may know, this is a decent smart phone and excellent tech for the
price 35 8177[


Yes Row
16-07-14, 11:06
Sensible offers?
I know it not cutting edge but it's a good basic smart phone

18-07-14, 02:45
My misses has just lost her phone.... Again! She is using an old Nokia till her upgrade in Sept.

I'd be happy to offer you 25 for it (cheeky I know)

Yes Row
20-07-14, 09:53
Obviously I am going to say meet me half way 30 and it's a done deal and I'll pay postage

Yes Row
20-07-14, 09:54
Oh yeah I had stated I would pay postage anyway! Doh!

20-07-14, 02:49
She's due an upgrade in 6 weeks so I wasn't really looking to buy anything if I'm honest - hence a cheeky offer on the off-chance.

I'm happy to chuck 25 delivered at it but that tops as it's a short term stop-gap (I'm equally happy to let it go if you want to hang out for more - I won't be upset.... it'l stop her using my phone for facebook though! Grrr)

Yes Row
20-07-14, 08:28
I can get 25 with free p&p with the online companies, so I would be better off doing that. So no probs if you do not want it for 30 including p&p ( don't forget you could sell on in a few weeks, and get all but a fiver back)
I would think its a small price to pay not av'in the other half using my phone
No problem with the offer though, nothing ventured...