View Full Version : Review - Francis Francis X7

26-01-10, 10:45
A good unbiased review (http://youngandfoodish.com/coffee/with-illycaffes-francis-francis-x7-espresso-machine-perfection-has-its-limits/) of the Francis Francis X7 has been posted by Dan Young, author of Coffee Love, and food critic (his well written blog (youngandfoodish (http://www.youngandfoodish.com)) is on my favourites list!)

I have been asked about the X7 a few times and have not really had the chance to use it, although I have pulled many shots on the X1 and X3 models. I look forward to using one, if only to see what the hype is about.

27-01-10, 02:45
I agree a good unbiased review. You can also search Francis Francis X7 on youtube and a demonstration has been posted. I am tempted to get an X7 just in case my X1 breaks again and it has to go off to be repaired.