View Full Version : Gaggia Rancilio Steam Wand Replacement

22-01-10, 01:24
Is anyone aware of a how to replace the Gaggia Classic steam wand with the Rancilio document

I have one arriving from happy donkey today and want to get some good advise before I start tinkering


22-01-10, 02:53
Try this link (http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1126833848/1#1) (no photos there now though)
The instructions are broadly the same for your machine

Next one I do I will document and photograph.
This is a popular modification.

22-01-10, 09:06
Thanks for the link.

The modification is very easy. 5 minutes max.

Removing the threaded nut from the Gaggia wand required flexing it a little so that the nut can be taken around the bend. The original washer remained in so did not need to use the replacement that I bought with it.

Not frothed milk with it yet, although the steam pressure is vastly more than what you get from the Gaggia wand.

I would advice on replacing the rubber thing though as obviously the wand gets very hot.