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standard issue
16-01-10, 06:17

I'm looking at tampers amongst a multitude of other accoutrements and I'm getting a little confused, I'm just about to replace my first (faulty machine) so I'm sure I'll be looking for a 58mm tamper but I didn't know there would be further choices regarding the base of the tamper.


I understand the physical differences but what are the practical advantages/disadvantages in practice?

Anyone got a clue?


16-01-10, 06:38
Ripple Tampers are generally flat, and have concentric rings

As a home user there is very little difference between the ripple and flat base tampers (except the nice design left in the puck after extraction)

Convex tampers are said to seal the puck against the sides a little better than flat but it all comes down to practice. You can obtain a good seal with a flat tamper too.

Previous polls on forums have indicated more of a preference for convex than flat.

Personally, I prefer a Flat based tamper. I have used both.
In training others I come across more flat based tampers than convex.

The main thing is to get a tamper that fits your basket and feels good in the hand.
Therefore the handle is just as important as the base itself, and even more so if you use it all day every day.

Hope this hasn't confused more than it helps.

standard issue
16-01-10, 06:57
Thanks Glenn, that answers my question.

I'm just looking in my diary to see when I can get some time off work to go home to my fathers factory and make a few one off tampers.

When I get the chance pics will be posted (I might have to start looking for lathes on eBay)

Out of interest what brand tamper do you use?

16-01-10, 07:13
I have a Reg Barber (Flat) copper base for my tamper (like this one (http://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/RBBCOP58_T.jpg)) which gets well used, but shows very little sign of use. The copper colour ages well too.

17-01-10, 07:12
A cheaper option at Happy Donkey (here (http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/hd0823-57-58mm-wooden-tamper.html)) which works fine for me