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standard issue
16-01-10, 06:09

After a treacherous introduction to the world of home espresso brewing (thanks DeLonghi) I now have my money back (well my girlfriend has her money back for my Christmas gift) I'm now on the look out for a good domestic machine, must have:

58mm portafilter.
A useable steam arm/wand (not a big plastic thing that produces waaaay too much foam) I'm not against replacing this ie, the Rancillo Silvia arm on a Gaggia Classic for example.
A useful size reservoir.
Ideally a steel construction rather than ABS.
A solenoid!!! (hopefully prevent the sneezing issue)

Well my list is not as big as I thought it would be, just something that doesn't spit coffee everywhere when removing the PF and a steam arm that doesn't constantly run water.

I'm kind of settling on the Gaggia Classic as mentioned in my last thread something second hand/reconditioned but wanted to see if you guys had any other suggestions as to what might be out there?

I intend to pair this with an Iberital grinder, Oh any suggestions on great beans (where to get them from) would be appreciated.


16-01-10, 06:26
This post (http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1656) may help with the beans dilemma