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14-01-10, 03:36
Hi from Wakefield UK :-)

To be honest and up front from the get go I work for www.pause.co.uk and am therfore from the industry side, we sell coffee machines basically.

I write content for the website and in particular I do the testimonials but like the majority of company communications they are one way which is waht I want to put a stop too. We need to know what people think of the machines we offer without censorship.

So here goes... We've just posted this testimonial

feel free to rant or ignore :-)

14-01-10, 07:37
Welcome David!

Thanks too for asking permission before posting.

I look forward to reading your posts.

14-01-10, 10:33
Hi David and welcome

19-01-10, 06:45
I am annoyed that my memory is failing me. Pause is, I'm sure, a division of a much larger company? A contract caterer? I just can't place it for the moment... help!!