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01-01-10, 03:50
I was going to buy a new expresso machine that grinds the beans for each cup until, when travelling, I came across a machine that uses shiny "flying saucer" shaped discs for each cup, and I was impressed by both the range of coffees in these discs and the quality of the expresso coffee they produce (unlike Nespresso, which tastes to me like whipped-up instant coffee, even though I know it's not). However, stupidly, I forgot to take note of the brand, I cannot even remember the country I had this experience in, and have been unable to find such a system on the Internet. It's not Tassimo (although I have not tried that brand, so I'm not discounting it as a potential purchase) and I thought that if anyone could recognise the system I am describing, it would be a member of a forum such as this. Can anybody help? :read:

01-01-10, 04:28
Hi Tom

You may be referring to Coffee Pods
Check out The Coffee Pod (http://thecoffeepod.co.uk) for more details

Philips produce the Senseo machine which takes these, and some ESE pods can be used in portafilters with an adaptor.

Do these look familiar?

02-01-10, 12:40
Thanks for trying to help Glenn, but those pods are not airtight and are covered in a gauze that makes them look more like tea-bags than the shiny, coloured, totally airtight disks in the expresso system I saw. Any other suggestioons?