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31-12-09, 01:07
Delighted to have discovered the Forum after three years living with a Gaggia Classic and an associated frother problem. I have always used Illy Espresso - great quality and a bargain buy at Costco. But, they no longer stock it and at 5.66 a tin from the supermarkets out of my price league. All alternative recommendations gratefully received. New Year's resolution - to descale more often!

31-12-09, 01:24
Welcome Peppers

Do you have a grinder (or are you planning on buying a grinder?)
If not, then a number of UK roasters sell their beans pre-ground, with prices starting from as low as 3 for a 250g bag (plus postage)

A quick search on the forum will reveal a number of threads containing their details.

31-12-09, 01:34
Much appreciate the reply and advice. You are obviously an enthusiast - do you have any recommendations that come close to Illy quality and, yes, I do have a Braun grinder although I'm not so sure that it will produce a fine enough product for my machine.

31-12-09, 11:26
hi, when i used to test the machines after service i always found the the arabica grind to be the best pre gound. if grinding your own you can set a cheap burr grinder to a very fine setting. the mm grinder is the basic . the mdf cost about 100 more but does same job. any quieries concerning gaggia manuals, please ask, i will try my best to help. regards

03-01-10, 12:46
Hi Peppers and welcome.