View Full Version : No foam, is it the wand or me?

08-12-09, 10:41
I have owned a gaggia Classic for about 6 years. It is routinley cleaned/de scaled. Several months ago I was unable to froth milk. No bubbles either large or small. This seemed to just happen overnight. I eventually changed the wand to a Rancilio Sylvia wand. Was, and still is a lovely looking bit of kit but still no foam.
Concidering I had 5 years with perfect foam, could there be any corolation between steam pressure and my inability to produce foam? This is the only reason that I can think of for foam to suddenly stop almost overnight.
My friends all drinks cappa's...what a bummer!

09-12-09, 08:29
Is there any steam coming out at all?

Can you even get cold water out of the steam wand?

There is a direct relationship to steam and the ability to foam.

Do you ever leave the steam wand immersed in water at night or may have forgotten to purge after steaming milk, causing a deposit to block the steam wand?

09-12-09, 09:46
hi robert

try a different batch of milk, it could be that the farmers are watering the milk down