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Rebel Bean
02-11-09, 09:16
Hello everyone,

A quick introduction; my name is Chris & I am a coffee enthusiast turned profesional. I have been a bit of a coffee freak for as long as I can remember (got my first espresso machine when I was nine). Over the last few years I have trained & developed as a profesional barista, opened my first coffee shop & just recently started a company importing my favourite coffees & related products from overseas. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, passing on any knowledge I can & hopefully learning a few things along the way


02-11-09, 09:25
Welcome Chris

Nice to see the entire career progression in one post - and there is so much more still yet to learn.

I've changed your status to Industry.

Look forward to learning more about you.

Rebel Bean
02-11-09, 09:51
Thanks Glenn.

I'm sure as I start talking to everyone I'll realise how much I don't yet know :-) That's the most exciting thing about doing something you love. Glad I found this site



03-11-09, 09:43
Hi. I am a complete newbie so hopefully you can pass on some tips to me :)

04-11-09, 10:24
Hi, I thought rather than start a new thread to introduce myself, I'd use this one. My name is Ben. I caught the coffee bug on a trip to Italy, before that I never drank hot drinks at all. The Italians showed me the light! Since then ive been trying to recreate what was on offer at just about every street corner.
Starting with basic bialletti moka's and bodum milk frothers. Through a second hand Gaggia classic (highly recommend) and now to a Giotto Rocket which is so beautiful it makes the rest of my kitchen look like a shed.

05-11-09, 11:05
Welcome Ben

Once upgrade-itis hits it can be uncontrollable :)

03-12-09, 05:57
Hello Maryjun :D