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26-08-08, 05:16
Following a hell of a lot of trial and error, I wanted to start a thread to help bloggers out their. I know a lot of the guys on here; me, glenn and seamus included, have blogs or sites we promote however, trying to drill up traffic, especially unique hits from people we aren't connected to can be a challenge.

So here are some idea I know for helping traffic.

First is stumble-upon. This is an extension for firefox, flock, and I believe internet explorer. It allows you to register for a profile, select your interests, and then it places a button in your tool bar called "stumble button". When you click this, it brings up a random site from their directory based upon your interests. You can then give the site a thumbs up or down, which helps stumble-upon rate their sites. Now for a blogger, this tool is great because you can actually put a button on your blog, and on each post, that acts as a thumbs up button. Either allowing you to submit the site, or thumbs up the site. Thus reminding browsers to thumbs-up the site, and get you more hits from random stumblers.

Next is digg. This works on a similar method as stumble, except without the random stumble button, it just holds the site in its directory, rated by how many people "Digg" your site. And you've guessed it, you can get a button to put in each of your posts, to enable people to digg each post individually. The other great thing about this is that each person who Diggs the post, the button adds a count, so if you're popular, make the most of it.

The third and final one from me is purely based on SEO plug-in. Or "search engine optimisation". This is a plug-in developed for Wordpress blogs, both the ones hosted by them, and the self-hosted blogs. It optimises your site for you, based upon the title, description, and keywords you fill in on the SEO section when you post a new post. This is a great way to get your site ranking on search engines and getting traffic from searches. However when filling in keywords, try and avoid purely focusing on the name of the blog, or your name, as the people who knows to search for that, probably knows of the site already. Try and find a keyword that doesn't have big sites usings it, but is still commercial enough that plenty of people search it.

Anyway, I will leave it there for now, feel free to add more methods guys! I have one or two more to add if no-one picks up on them!


26-08-08, 06:01
Creating an 'off-page-authority' website will help your cause.

My tool of choice is Hub Pages. http://hubpages.com
Squidoo can also feed your blog and both have a healthy community pool to draw from as well.

Placing your blog in signature links is a great way of drumming up business.

With so many blogs around you need a good USP to get people coming back time and time again.

Discounts, hot gossip, freebies, special offers - these will help you gaina loyal client base

What pain can you solve today? If it is relevant to the reader then they will visit again.

26-08-08, 09:05
ha haa I love that, I was going to mention the signature thing as well, through too much coffee, I have over 600 Back Linked Pages. However... neither one of us has it in the signature here!!

Well at least not yet!! muhahahaaa