View Full Version : Hi from Glasgow. New to the world of running a coffee shop.

21-02-14, 10:42
Hope to see some great threads here that will be useful for a coffee novice like myself.
Not really done any lurking, so just throwing myself right in!

21-02-14, 10:55
Where is your shop going to be?

21-02-14, 11:08
Its opening in Uddingston, Lanarkshire. Quite big venture for me. 3200 sqft, so a lot at stake. Place needs total renovation so currently at design stage with hope of opening late April. Where are you?

21-02-14, 11:15
Good luck with it!

22-02-14, 12:03
What are your plans for the coffee making equipment & coffee supplier ?
I'm happy to advise on espresso systems.......