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21-11-13, 03:53
Not sure anyone will be interested (though there are a few Essex boys on here!! :exit:)but I have for sale my SVS SB12-Plus Subwoofer in Black

Its an absolute beast! is 12inch square weighs a ton and makes your house windows fall out!

I bought it about 4 years ago and had it set up in my previous property as part of my home entertainment system but since moving to my new much smaller property two years ago it has been mainly being used as a table and hasn't even been connected in that time. It is in very good condition apart from a few scratches to the top of the sub and a few light marks to the front mesh cover which I am cleaning and should come out
Will come with instruction manual, 2m RCA lead, power lead and sound meter


Model Name: SB12-Plus
Configuration: Small Box, front-firing 12‖ woofer
Design: Sealed
Dimensions: 36 cm H. x 36 cm W. x 38 cm D.
Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
Voltage (fixed):
12" SVS designed/built ―Plus‖ woofer with high
- excursion synthetic surround, aluminum cone
with cast basket, high-temp US voice coil and
integral cooling vents
Frequency Response:
22Hz - 150Hz 3dB (typical in-room response
3-5Hz deeper) with 20hz tuning
Inputs/Outputs: RCA, XLR (low level) and speaker level
Gain, continuously variable phase, crossover
(defeatable), auto on, PEQ, room compensation
and high-pass filter switches
Power Handling: 425 watt RMS
High pass: 12dB/octave @ 80Hz
Variable low pass: 12dB/octave (40-120Hz)

None of which means anything to me!

This is a quality sub and got great reviews, and was constant quoted as saying best bang for your buck! Price was circa 500.

Looking for around 240 collected.

Going to have a play with it this weekend and annoy the neighbors then list it on ebay.

21-11-13, 04:07
What are you saying about us Essex boys?
Will it fit in my Ford Capri? :p

21-11-13, 04:37
Will it fit in my Ford Capri? :p

If you shift your other sub-woofers over I am sure it will! ;)