View Full Version : Hello from Edinburgh...

12-11-13, 02:23
Thought I'd say hello -

The forum seems a great place.

Really enjoying the coffee scene in Scotland these days, there are some fantastic places around, especially in Edinburgh. That said I'd be pretty stuck without my Monmouth Coffee mail-order from London every month or so.

Currently enjoying trying different coffees on the V60 at home :)

12-11-13, 02:25
Welcome to the forum Kyle lots of brewed experts here for any help you might nee, or if you are already fab at brewed perhaps you can share your advice?

12-11-13, 04:53
Get yourself to Brew Lab, bigman!

12-11-13, 09:40
Get yourself to Brew Lab, bigman!

Aye I know all about it. Despite the nice location/decor/food & obviously great coffee, I find the staff a bit cold and that's enough to put me off... Give me Freeman's any day!

12-11-13, 09:46
I'm not sure how I feel about you using my name...

12-11-13, 09:48
There's enough room for two

12-11-13, 09:49
Yes, but I'm a whole lot of Kyle.

12-11-13, 10:01
Indeed you are dude

12-11-13, 10:07
You could be mankykyle, that's what they call people from Manchester right...?

17-11-13, 10:41
I'm not sure how I feel about you using my name...

Perhaps we could timeshare? I'll take it tuesday-thursday and it's yours the rest of the week?

25-11-13, 08:26
Kyle have you tried Machina Espresso on Brougham Place? Dear Green & Steampunk served and beans for sale. Worth a trip. Really good espresso.

Machina Espresso
26-11-13, 05:40
Cheers for the recommendation Baz! Are you local to us?

27-11-13, 08:27
No sweat, I popped in a few days ago for espresso. Had a chat with the fella there, it was a nice little place.

27-11-13, 09:06
welcome to Edinburgh mate. We're lucky in this city, to have such an enormous selection of genuinely superb coffee shops. Not many cities where I run out of fingers to count them on!

01-12-13, 03:22
Hi mate, Edinburgh def has an awesome choice of decent coffee.im from Glasgow n I'm constantly finding myself getting the train to Edinburgh just for coffee(well also good sushi too)