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01-11-13, 06:02
Hi, Long time reader, first time poster. Having used the Gaggia Classic for almost 10 years and making really bad coffee with it I stumbled upon this forum. My coffee is not that bad anymore, thanks to you guys.

01-11-13, 07:13
Welcome to Coffee Forums UK yvv

Looks like you have a decent setup.
How often do you use your Espro?

01-11-13, 07:52
Not very often. The Espro and Aeropress are my travel companions. I think I would need a better grinder than Porlex to get the best from the Espro because the taste is, well,rough and muddy so I always add milk. The Pharos is used for espresso only as it cumbersome enough even without endless adjustments, but I like the grind a lot.

02-11-13, 08:51
Not very often. It's used as my travel setup. The Porlex is probably not the best grinder for it. I feel there is a lot of potential in the method. Have to try it with the Pharos one day.