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29-07-09, 10:56

After lurking on here for ages I thought it was about time I actually registered - so here goes!

I'm an ethusiastic coffee consumer / home would-be-barista, I'd rather die of thirst than drink instant coffee...

I've had a Gaggia Classic at home for some years now (probably about 8 or 10), and with daily use (OK, multiple daily uses normally) it's going strong still with fairly regular maintenance and a couple of common mods: Silvia steam wand, pressure reduction and naked PF (though to be honest, as it can make a mess I tend to use the standard PF much of the time!)

However - and here's the confession - I have, for all of that time, been using illy pre-ground. It's been good, and I enjoy the results - mainly as I manage to get through about a tin a week so it stays relatively fresh and gives reasonably good results. I've been sourcing my illy from Costco (about half the price of Sainsbury) but recently they seem to have stopped stocking it and my personal stock is running low....

So - yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a used Mazzer Super Jolly! I was adamant that I wasn't going to buy "any" grinder, I wanted a Mazzer... but being unemployed right now (made redundant in April) this was a major purchasing decision. Anyway, job done and I should have it next week - can't wait.

So the quest for good beans starts now..... hence I'm reading up on here again.

Anyway - enough about me, I've waffled on far too much...

Anyone tried any beans from Costco? (OK, shoot me... ;-) )


29-07-09, 04:03
similar to yourself I used illy pre-ground and then decided to buy a burr grinder. I then used illy beans and ground them myself which definately improved things, then however I ordered some beans from coffeebeanshop.co.uk, they were roasted the same day and arrived to me the next morning and I have to say the difference was amazing, a favorite of mine being the Monsoon Malabar. I have had nothing but excellent service from coffeebeanshop.co.uk and would definately recommend them!

29-07-09, 04:22
Thanks for the tip Jimmy...

I think, having had a look on there, that I'll order the current "fortnightly promotion" pack and see what some of them are like - works out at a good price as well!


29-07-09, 05:28
Yeah thats a good idea.... I think thats what I did, good to see what you like best!......Maybe if you get on well I could grab a name and e-mail address from you and pop it in to my account with them as a referal... gets me a discount i think.