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25-07-09, 05:01
Discovered the site while doing some research into a replacement grinder - still haven't found one, but found you lot!
Had a little Bodum electric grinder that died this morning, and use a standard filter coffee machine (but loving that timer for fresh coffee as soon as I wake up!)
Like to experiment wth different bean blends, and use a great little shop that indulges our experiments.
Coffee is always black, always piping hot, but I confess, at work it is always instant.
One day would love a chemex coffee maker.

25-07-09, 09:06
Welcome anniemac

You're at the right place

Brand is not important but having a burr grinder is.
Spend as much as you can on a quality grinder (there are some good deals under 150 all in as well)

Have you considered an aeropress for work or a plunger?

26-08-09, 02:09
Highly recommend Iberital MC2 (doserless vsn @ ~100). I spent a couple of months trying to find a good grinder (I'm a newbie to this so didn't want to spend hundreds!).
I got it from Scott at HappyDonkey. Very reasonable price and I'm very pleased with it so far - only downside is that some grinds get left in shute after grind - but nothing a pat on the back of the machine doesn't sort out.
For the money I think it's probably the best you can get.

26-08-09, 08:19
Also handy is a toothbrush for removing the grinds...