View Full Version : Register Interest Fleetwood Mac tickets, Glasgow, October 3rd.....Might have 2

08-09-13, 12:59
Hi, I might have 2 tickets for the above sold out concert. They do not belong to me but my brother, and it looks like he might not be able to go, as work are sending him abroad. This will be guaranteed one way or the other within a week. The tickets are in block 230 which are centre stage. They cost 75 each plus a 9 each booking fee. He will be looking for a profit on this.
If anyone is seriously interested please say so here, and as soon as I can confirm the situation I will post back. because these are not for sale, registering interest is not committing either way!

08-09-13, 01:03
Moved to non-coffee related items forum

13-09-13, 10:38
Hi do you know if these are for sale yet?

13-09-13, 11:25
I am pretty sure they are, but will check tomorrow for you

14-09-13, 12:11
Perfect! Thank you!