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01-07-09, 05:46
I'm a newbie to home made serious coffee but I would appreciate some experienced feedback regarding a few problems I am experiencing with my Gaggia Baby Dose machine.

1) In the manual it states that once the flashing "heat" light stops it is up to temperature to make good coffee yet I find it actually takes around 5 mins BEYOND this before I get proper hot coffee. Is this a known problem or am I being an idiot?

2) I've had the machine for a year and its pressure is getting lower and lower, could this be limescale? If so do I really need to fork out loads for the Gaggia descaler or is any coffee machine descaler ok?

3) I currently buy pre ground coffee from my local deli or Waitrose supermarket. I like the Lavazza packs but am I missing a trick? Can anyone recommend a good internet supplier? Or should I really be grinding my own? If so where should I buy it?

Thanks in advance for any help!


01-07-09, 07:14
Welcome Andrew

1. I have found that waiting 15-20 minutes then running a cycle through and waiting another 2-3 minutes works best

2. It is adviseable to descale every month or two if the machine is in constant use (home, not commercial). The Gaggia descaler does the job and is worth the money, however other coffee machine descalers can be used - check your warranty for fine print though.

3. Grinding your own is the way forward and you will notice an improvement in the quality by using fresh grounds.
A starting budget is 130 (grinder, VAT and delivery) for an Iberital MC2, which is a good solid grinder for home use.
There is plenty of choice, but avoid buying the cheapest grinder as you will regret it in the long run and will not be able to gain the best experience available.

Ground coffee can be bought from nay reputable roasters online. Check out the beans forum for a list of addresses.

01-07-09, 09:12
Thanks for the response, you are indeed correct about the fine print in my warranty as it states I must use Gaggia approved descaler which I have now purchased off the internet. Although I doubt the quality of difference!

As for grinding my own, am I right in reading that I need a burr rather than blade grinder? I am a litttle lost as to the importance of the difference but am thankful for your recommendation as it fits with my local deli "grinder of choice".

In the long run have I got a good coffee machine? My "deal" means I can return it to exhange for another within 6 months if unimpressed. In total I actually quite like the machine, it now does a decent espresso and I find it difficult to fault!