View Full Version : Best grinder under 100

28-06-09, 11:04

Can anyone suggest some burr grinders for me to look at under 100, if any exist ? Its just for home use 3/4 cups a day, must be able to do espresso ground, as thats all I drink.


28-06-09, 08:01
Hi Scouser,
Scott at Happy Donkey has got the Iberital MC2 grinder at 99. It's a cracking little grinder and if look on the happy donkey website, there's a review on there done by Cakeboy... If you buy one, you'll keep it forever!! It's perfect for the home user...


29-06-09, 08:24
Hmm that looks interesting. I'm looking for a little baby home grinder, and I fear that the Vario may be a little out of my badly paid price range.

Does anyone with experience working on fully commercial grinders now if the Iberital will frustrate me in anyway?

I got donated a Sunbeam espresso machine, how super pleased am I!!

29-06-09, 09:03
The Iberital MC2 is a solid machine with the ability to grind for a wide range of drinks.

The worm screw takes a bit of adjusting if moving from coarse to fine and back (or vice versa) but holds its position well when dialled in.

There are 2 options - doser or doserless.
I use the doserless model and have no problems with it at all.

Easy to clean and maintain and a bargain at the price as well.