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08-08-13, 11:36
... to bump post count to 1

08-08-13, 11:42
hi gggav
why not post a bit about yourself in the introductions forum and tell us all who you are and what kit your using. soon get your post count up that way rather than making pointless threads.

oh and welcome to the forum by the way

08-08-13, 02:09
He might be doing it so he can PM, either way an intro is always nice!

Welcome mate,


08-08-13, 02:21
This is not really in the spirit of the site and could result in the posts being deleted, thereby reducing the post count

Forums exist because members talk to each other, and privileges are set for legitimate interaction

Please post an introduction or contribute to increase your post count

08-08-13, 02:32
You're too nice Glenn, if this was just to bump to get a high enough post count to PM id ban immediately.