View Full Version : How much coffee will it take to kill you?

02-08-08, 08:44
Although not strictly about coffee this site claims to show you how much caffeine your body can take before it closes down.

Please do not try this at home (in fact please do not try this at all)

Find out how much it would take to kill you (http://www.energyfiend.com/death-by-caffeine)

02-08-08, 10:22
63.49 cups of brewed lol

25-03-10, 12:26
love it. I got 166.1 shots of Espresso. The only bad thing about this as far as I can see is although I'd get 166 shots of espresso I'd barely touch the crema on the 167th! Shame.

25-03-10, 01:19
234 shots of espresso......thats so cool!.....makes my 3-6 cup a day habit look positively healthy!