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29-05-09, 09:52
My favourite espresso machine is the Ascaso Dream it is a great design that graces my kitchen worktops with elegance, I love it. It makes fantastic espressos for me and the misses’ morning, noon and night. I have had it for a year now and wouldn’t be without it. I have really only got into espresso after going on holiday to Rome now that’s how to enjoy a coffee in the morning at the bottom of The Spanish Steps watching the crowds go by.
Which is your favourite espresso machine?

21-06-09, 08:11
To be honest, I struggle with home machines. I own a Gaggia Classic, and find that if you play your cards right, it produces pretty great espresso. However the real issue for me. Especially as I am used to using a commercial machine, the steam wand just isn't strong enough for to me.

I find that I really have to struggle and coax the milk into a nice creamy microfoam!