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22-05-13, 09:02
Hi, I have just joined this site, I currently have three machines for sale, a two group la mazorcco, a single fracino and a San Remo two group, two grinders one massed one San remo how do I post these with photos

22-05-13, 09:04
What models and prices?

22-05-13, 09:07
I can email photos, will post all the details tomorrow now I have found this site, the equipment is located at our other premises

22-05-13, 09:11
If the machines are used then you can post these in the For Sale section of the website
Are these used or brand new?

When you have 5 posts you will able to view images and take any payment to PM once all offers have been received on the thread.
I have removed the duplicate posts so you have 3 to go.

If the machines are new then please read the Forum Advertising guidelines (http://coffeeforums.co.uk/uploads/forum_advertising.doc) before posting and post them in the Commercial / Special Offers section.

22-05-13, 09:19
Thanks for that, they are all used the San Remo is an ex wine bar and in good condition the Fracino is an ex Mitchell & Butler pub requires full overhaul, The Linea ex spirit pub closed down five years ago

22-05-13, 09:21
Pop them in the For Sale section then.
Thanks for your quick clarification.