View Full Version : Tamping Mat (clicking)

21-05-13, 11:51
Looking for a tamping mat which clicks at a set pressure to help me tamp consistently.

Nothing special, as basic and cheap as posible. Don't want to spend more than 20 including p&p.

21-05-13, 05:40
I have an Attento Click mat (http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/espresso-gear-attento-click-tamping-mat) that I bought from Coffeehit about 9 months ago. Only ended up using it for a couple of months on and off so it's still in pretty good condition.

There's a few scuffs, mainly on the rubber that sits on top, and a couple of minor scratches on the bottom. Nothing that affects function.

I'd be happy to part with it for 20 inc p&p if you're interested.

Big Tony
21-05-13, 07:32
I use mine on every coffee and think it's essential. I don't think you'll regret it autopilot

21-05-13, 09:57
If autopilot doesn't want it jakeapeters I'll take it for that!

21-05-13, 10:42
I'll take it :)

PM me your email and I will send via PayPal.

21-05-13, 10:45
Cool, I'll PM you now :)

Sorry roopster! :(

21-05-13, 10:48
Ah no problem...I'd better start a new thread!

21-05-13, 10:49
Well, in that case, good luck in your search :)

21-05-13, 10:55
Payment sent (as 'gift' to avoid PayPal fees). Many thanks.

Good luck roopster :)

22-05-13, 08:12
Brilliant - I'll get it in the post today. :)

Let me know you receive it ok!

25-05-13, 10:42
Jake, thank you very much. I used it for the first time today. Very pleased with it and your service/help. Top man :)

26-05-13, 09:53
Excellent news! :) I'm glad it reached you ok and that you're getting use out of it :)