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  1. Wooden Handles
  2. Dwell time
  3. Expobar Office Leva Temp tests & Flushing
  4. Goodbye Gaggia Baby Class...
  5. Accidential preinfusion
  6. baby d to leva dual
  7. Rotary pump for Office Leva HX?
  8. Cleaning regimen and lowering Brewtus
  9. New Expobar Owner
  10. Dual vs HX
  11. Must stop PID'ling with my machine
  12. OPV setting Brew pressure etc
  13. Steam Tips
  14. PID/Thermostat problems??
  15. Office Leva DB Mk 4 (Brewtus) - PID settings?
  16. Brewtus Texturing Woes
  17. Brewtus Ritual
  18. Descale
  19. Expo weekly flush with caffiza/puly caff
  20. How Long before pump changes tone...
  21. Expobar Dual Leva
  22. Office Leva HX for small market stall?
  23. Is 12 bar pressure ok at back-flushing?
  24. Brewtus pre-infusion
  25. First week with the Brewtus
  26. HELP. about expobar e61 nosie qustion
  27. What steam nozzle are you using with the brewtus
  28. A couple of questions
  29. Dripping hot water spout.
  30. Expobar office
  31. Expobar Dual Leva what next?
  32. Ordering Thermosyphon Restrictors
  33. Couple of issues?
  34. Tank Fed Resin Filter Removed.
  35. Trying out an Expobar Brewtus
  36. Moving the Brewtus - drain down?
  37. Disaster while Naked!
  38. How accurate are the PID on brewtus 4?
  39. Brewtus shower screen
  40. brewtus head gasket
  41. brewtus pressure
  42. Plumbing Brewtus IV questions / help.
  43. Iberital MC2 sufficient?
  44. PID matters
  45. Presentation Boxed Expobar Barista Kit
  46. Nearly four months in
  47. Smokey Brewtus
  48. to plumb or not to plumb....
  49. What water softener / filter for plumbed brewtus db
  50. Expobar Office Control
  51. Mishapen portafilter?
  52. pump/opv problem???
  53. A thank you and an oh pooh
  54. Rookie Brewtus top tip
  55. decrease pressure during brewing, leva2 rotary pump
  56. Expobar leva about the bar pressure for brewing
  57. Office control
  58. Plumbing job for Expobar
  59. Shower screen
  60. Triple basket in standard portafilter?
  61. Upgrade advice
  62. Expobar Leva DB steaming power
  63. Expobar Office Leva HX Service/Repair Recommendation?
  64. Advice?
  65. Shopping Trip to Bella Barista
  66. Cleaning the insulated steam wand?
  67. Which VST basket
  68. Aftermarket Legs for Expobar Leva
  69. PID query on Expobar DB
  70. convert office control from tank to mains
  71. brew temperature
  72. Expobar Quartz
  73. Water and descaling
  74. Happy to join the club
  75. Lubrication panic
  76. GB5 steam wand on a Brewtus
  77. It's just arrived....
  78. Tweak are leave well alone?
  79. In a bit of a froth!
  80. If you were in my position...
  81. Stupid Question about the plug/mains power.
  82. Finally arrived… Office Leva
  83. dimensions of Leva dual stand
  84. Rattle proofing
  85. nasty pump metalic rattle on activation
  86. Dual leva question
  87. Brewtus joystick mod
  88. Waterleak from steamboiler :-(
  89. Brewtus v Cherub - and HX version v DB
  90. How long for pre-infusion....
  91. Best size tamper for E61 group head...
  92. decided
  93. Expobar owners seeking wooden handles
  94. What is the most suitable (best fitting) naked pf for a Brewtus IV?
  95. Expobar Office Pulser, any owners ?
  96. Weird taste & smell from Expobar DB tea boiler
  97. strange question
  98. Converting from tank only to plumable
  99. tamper
  100. symptoms ?
  101. Expobar Elegance
  102. now the endless questions start !!
  103. Brewtus?
  104. Expobar in tank water softener / filter
  105. Expobar Brewtus - Funny Noise?!?
  106. Brewtus brew boiler not working-
  107. Advice on machine please
  108. First De-scale
  109. New Expobar owner. Tips?
  110. Redirect OPV waste back to tank
  111. Leak from thermosyphon tube return to boiler.
  112. Using expobar from a 5 litre water bottle
  113. Ims 200um showerscreen
  114. Descaling a plumbed in leva
  115. Gasket replacement for office leva
  116. Cooling flushes on Office Leva HX
  117. Happy to join the club
  118. Office Leva HX lost brew pressure
  119. Expobar leva Mk IV various models exploded parts diagram, may come in handy.
  120. Expobar office leva iv - OPV - on the fly adjustment
  121. What water temp' do you use?
  122. Bottomless / naked portafilter for Expobar
  123. How many times to backflush
  124. Brew pressure up to 4 bars, and *water exhaust from the nozzle underneath the E61 bre
  125. How to drain for holiday
  126. Question about bar pressure
  127. EU Plug to UK plug
  128. pump life (related to descale)
  129. Happy New Expobar Brewtus IV Owner
  130. Expobar Brutus IV from espresso-machines.nu
  131. Descale - for lazy people (well, kind of)
  132. Using hot water wand question
  133. New BREWTUS IV owner
  134. Recommended "pipe" cleaners for Expobar Leva HX
  135. Expobar Stracto
  136. Accidentally ran it dry a few seconds.
  137. Steam boiler red light question
  138. Washer wanted
  139. Steam tips.
  140. How to stop water tubes pulling through
  141. Expobar model guide
  142. not feeling the buzz.... motor upgrade?
  143. lubricating expobar brewtus IV
  144. Shot timing.
  145. Double OPV on brewtus ii
  146. Group pressure reduction....7bar? to pair with EK43
  147. Descaling Issue
  148. VBM Domobar Line E61 Group Weight Compared to the Expobar E61 Group and Another Brand
  149. Puddle of Puly under Expobar.
  150. Expobar Brewtus 3 Pump Replacement
  151. Expobar Brewtus Variable Pump Pressure Mod
  152. A few questions - cleaning and minor upgrades
  153. Just got nice shiny Brewtus :-) <== smug look
  154. Plumbing in a Brewtus
  155. Auto fill
  156. Brew Boiler not heating up?
  157. Expobar e61, change of Brew valve, infusion valve, drain valve
  158. How much water should come out of the waste pipe?
  159. Portafilter basket too full on my Leva, can't get shower screen out either
  160. Brewtus/Minore IV for most remote island in world
  161. Izzo Alex Steam tips for Expobar Leva Dual Boiler
  162. Time until extraction starts
  163. Expobar New Elegance question(from Asia, please help
  164. Steam wand O ring... replacement help.
  165. Help with repair
  166. DB Leva plumbing
  167. expobar pico
  168. PID Programming on Office Leva
  169. Expobar DB leva vs Gaggia Classic
  170. Breaker jumping
  171. Expobar Markus keeps emitting water??
  172. Expobar Brewtus IV / Office Leva Dual Boiler - tips coming from HX?
  173. Quick descaling
  174. Expobar brewtus not releasing pressure from group
  175. Expobar Office Leva
  176. first go on my new expobar leva Dp
  177. Dual Boiler water keeps flowing
  178. Nothing working bar PID screen.
  179. PID Tuning - Brewtus IV/Office Leva Dual
  180. Help identifying this Expobar
  181. Rubber O seal
  182. expobar brewtus warm up time?
  183. Steam-tastic - Four hole steam tips for office dual leva
  184. Expobar brewtus 2 operating manual
  185. A Little TLC
  186. Recommend a suitable material