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  1. thecoffeetweet: Whittard sold - it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. http:/
  2. thecoffeetweet: Coffee Republic now debt-free http://tinyurl.com/7z4u6v
  3. thecoffeetweet: Whittards moves towards receivership http://tinyurl.com/97anql - who
  4. thecoffeetweet: Nice Starbucks PR gimmick http://www.ameinfo.com/179546.html
  5. thecoffeetweet: Increase in travel mug sales http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28352830/
  6. thecoffeetweet: More Whittards news - there will be a bargain here for someone (someo
  7. thecoffeetweet: Snotty letter to the Financial Times about Howard Schultz - http://ti
  8. thecoffeetweet: Caffe Nero mess up the new VAT rate - http://tinyurl.com/85b4x4
  9. thecoffeetweet: Excellent Seth Godin post about your brand - http://tinyurl.com/9b6fq
  10. thecoffeetweet: New Coffee Republic website - make up your own mind... http://tinyurl
  11. Coffee Twitter and News Feeds
  12. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK reaches 150 members. Planning underway for 2009 forum
  13. thecoffeetweet: Interesting BBC report on the challenges facing curry houses. http://
  14. thecoffeetweet: Coffee republic to hit 200 sites - http://tinyurl.com/9cbdyz - but ar
  15. thecoffeetweet: Another great video (chemex this time) from James Hoffman - http://ti
  16. thecoffeetweet: Excellent new James Hoffman blog post http://tinyurl.com/7nmryg
  17. thecoffeetweet: Fascinating NY Time article on barista application forms - http://tin
  18. TheCoffeeTweet: New tea based drinks at Starbucks - http://tinyurl.com/9h7ts6
  19. TheCoffeeTweet: Great "business wisdom" style blog post from the CEO of Zappos - http
  20. TheCoffeeTweet: http://hellotmf.livejournal.com/232389.html Book store cafes help wit
  21. TheCoffeeTweet: Forbes article on restaurant (including Starbucks) falling sales. htt
  22. TheCoffeeTweet: Restaurant stocks (US) still rising - http://tinyurl.com/8wp834
  23. TheCoffeeTweet: Clever wholesaler strategy - http://tinyurl.com/8orue9
  24. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee to save all the world's energy problems? http://tinyurl.com/93
  25. coffee_forums: Thanks for following coffee_forums & contributing to http://coffeeforu
  26. TheCoffeeTweet: Barista competition tips from James Hoffman - possibly worth paying a
  27. TheCoffeeTweet: Redundancy helps one man take the plunge - http://tinyurl.com/9rtal8
  28. TheCoffeeTweet: Recession busting tips from Forbes magazine - http://tinyurl.com/7rmo
  29. TheCoffeeTweet: The most (and least) caffeinated cities in the US - http://tinyurl.co
  30. TheCoffeeTweet: @squaremile Cool namecheck in this month's Olive James (and thanks fo
  31. TheCoffeeTweet: incidentally at the airport Starbucks was 4 times busier than the sam
  32. TheCoffeeTweet: I dislike relentless Starbuck bashing but boy does their "holier than
  33. TheCoffeeTweet: @danapalooza Cafe review in this month's Olive magazine namechecks Sq
  34. TheCoffeeTweet: New coffee game from Commongrind - http://tinyurl.com/8onbvf
  35. TheCoffeeTweet: @danapalooza I think it's going to be an increasingly large part of H
  36. TheCoffeeTweet: Interesting (possibly contentious) new Jimseven blog post http://tiny
  37. TheCoffeeTweet: Chinese beans for Starbucks in China http://tinyurl.com/9za5xu
  38. TheCoffeeTweet: @jimseven Ahhh but "contentious" will drive more people to read it :)
  39. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/2f7nc2/20090119/FREE/901199985/0/information - US
  40. TheCoffeeTweet: Heston Blumenthal takes on Little Chef - just about to start. Requi
  41. TheCoffeeTweet: Any operators out there having success driving customers (new and old
  42. TheCoffeeTweet: China to become a net importer of coffee - http://tinyurl.com/7fwk3b
  43. TheCoffeeTweet: Starbucks falsely blaming the economy for falling sales - http://tiny
  44. TheCoffeeTweet: RT - exceptional new Square Mile Moka Pot video - http://tinyurl.com/
  45. TheCoffeeTweet: No bonus for Howard Schulz this year. http://tinyurl.com/avoy4z
  46. coffee_forums: Coffee Pictures section now live - add your coffee photos to the site
  47. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/bw496q Starbucks and their Obama campaign - Adage
  48. TheCoffeeTweet: SBUX earnings predictions - http://tinyurl.com/c3x6el
  49. TheCoffeeTweet: Thinking of starting up your coffee shop in the recession? - http://t
  50. TheCoffeeTweet: Interesting sequence of videos - useful for staff/customer education.
  51. TheCoffeeTweet: Potentially more Starbucks job losses - http://tinyurl.com/crqum3 - b
  52. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee and dog washing (1/2 way down page) http://tinyurl.com/d36nsf
  53. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee bar success story - http://tinyurl.com/acp5zz
  54. TheCoffeeTweet: Howe many of you (coffee shops) are using blogs and feel this has bee
  55. TheCoffeeTweet: Green tea helps weight loss. http://tinyurl.com/d7ktpq (hasn't this b
  56. TheCoffeeTweet: New ice cream for Starbucks - http://tinyurl.com/b4vbvx
  57. TheCoffeeTweet: Has anyone else had success with twitter driving new (or existing) cu
  58. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @Mrtweet Twitter To Go:How one local coffee shop used Twitter to d
  59. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/da77xv - the market for speciality coffee (esp. bi
  60. coffee_forums: The UK Coffee Community is growing despite the 'credit crunch'. New ca
  61. TheCoffeeTweet: This Gary V video is a must see for coffee operators - http://tinyurl
  62. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/cfhf63 Costa (and Whitbread in general) still boo
  63. TheCoffeeTweet: Interesting "credit crunch" strategy from London restaurateur. It's a
  64. TheCoffeeTweet: Sorry - here's the ;ink... http://tinyurl.com/bx9ryk
  65. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/aqhexy Restaurants hit harder (including Ramsay's
  66. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/cre9f7 Starbucks offers new breakfast pairings in
  67. TheCoffeeTweet: Fascinating use of Twitter for a food business - http://tinyurl.com/d
  68. TheCoffeeTweet: Madness - Starbucks decide one of their solutions is instant coffee.
  69. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/cddr74 Independents weathering the recession well.
  70. TheCoffeeTweet: ...Two had their best weeks ever a couple of weeks ago. There contin
  71. TheCoffeeTweet: Staggering arrogance from Howard Schultz - http://tinyurl.com/aoufo5
  72. TheCoffeeTweet: 7-eleven enter the speciality coffee market - http://tinyurl.com/bqs4
  73. TheCoffeeTweet: Getting ready to go to ScotHot - we're doing a session on Tuesday so
  74. TheCoffeeTweet: Ramsay's accounts and banking a mess - http://tinyurl.com/dhotwf
  75. TheCoffeeTweet: Retailer of the Year Awards - Costa and Pret do well. http://tinyurl.
  76. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/brttjf - Coffee shop chains commit to healthier ea
  77. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/cfeku7 Ramsay's financial problems - Daily Mash st
  78. TheCoffeeTweet: A useful reminder when you think - "shall I have another portion?" ht
  79. TheCoffeeTweet: Nice, simple use of a blog for a lunch menu - http://dose-espresso.co
  80. TheCoffeeTweet: Dose Espresso review - http://tinyurl.com/blaxcc
  81. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/d86hvn Starbucks sell their third Gulfstream jet.
  82. TheCoffeeTweet: Interesting Peets vs Starbucks article - http://tinyurl.com/d86hvn
  83. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee and dessert matches - http://tinyurl.com/bqc5yr - we've used t
  84. TheCoffeeTweet: Nice PR gimmick from Costa - http://tinyurl.com/aov755
  85. TheCoffeeTweet: O'briens down 40% in some stores! http://tinyurl.com/7gesd4
  86. TheCoffeeTweet: Costa vs Starbucks blind tasting - http://tinyurl.com/djfuwt
  87. TheCoffeeTweet: hitting the send button for our second book to the publisher... Shou
  88. TheCoffeeTweet: Looking for an innovative way to increase sales? - http://tinyurl.com
  89. TheCoffeeTweet: @groundespresso thanks matey and thanks for putting up the Scot Hot P
  90. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/d5tjg8 Starbucks to announce new strategies.
  91. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @squaremile Our French Press videocast makes it into the Independe
  92. TheCoffeeTweet: New research on health benefits of coffee - http://tinyurl.com/d6354r
  93. TheCoffeeTweet: Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under:
  94. TheCoffeeTweet: Great edition of The Food Program about recession and restaurants. ht
  95. TheCoffeeTweet: Starbucks new sandwich comments - http://www.yumsugar.com/2969886#com
  96. TheCoffeeTweet: 100 new stores and apprentice program for Costa - http://tinyurl.com/
  97. TheCoffeeTweet: Interesting analysis of Starbucks PR campaign - http://tinyurl.com/df
  98. TheCoffeeTweet: The endless free wifi debate - http://tinyurl.com/c56m45
  99. TheCoffeeTweet: Cup cakes are everywhere these days? Anyone introduced them on their
  100. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @ninetyplus6 large exporters lose licenses in Ethiopia.17k tons of
  101. TheCoffeeTweet: Outstanding Gary Vee and Rich Schefren interview - http://tinyurl.com
  102. TheCoffeeTweet: A (somewhat subjective) coffee drinker?s dictionary - http://tinyurl.
  103. TheCoffeeTweet: London folk - how difficult do you think it will be to navigate round
  104. coffee_forums: Thanks to Earl Grey for a great conversation tonight and the feedback
  105. TheCoffeeTweet: Very clever piece of marketing - http://producten.hema.nl/
  106. Coffee Tweets - your say
  107. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK will be available all weekend - pop along and add you
  108. coffee_forums: Would you like to see interviews with UK Coffee Industry personalities
  109. TheCoffeeTweet: http://tinyurl.com/ckcx4t Starbucks vs McDonalds taste test.
  110. coffee_forums: Unanimous support for Coffee Personality Interviews on Coffee Forums U
  111. TheCoffeeTweet: Indian coffee exports decline http://tinyurl.com/cjxfn8
  112. coffee_forums: One more week to vote in the Coffee Personality Interview poll for Cof
  113. coffee_forums: CupKozy's for forum prizes have arrived today. Register now at http://
  114. TheCoffeeTweet: Watched this - http://tinyurl.com/dbm9qz - quite simply staggering sk
  115. TheCoffeeTweet: Article on loyalty within the big chains. - http://tinyurl.com/ctkuyf
  116. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @jimseven Colbert doesn't know the difference between a flat cap a
  117. TheCoffeeTweet: Starbucks as an indicator of financial disaster? - http://tinyurl.com
  118. coffee_forums: Looking at http://twibes.com/coffee - an interesting mix of people onb
  119. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK Competition Winner Announced. Have you won? Check he
  120. TheCoffeeTweet: New Blog post - The Coffee Boys at Caffe Culture: http://tinyurl.com/
  121. TheCoffeeTweet: very entertaining talk from Illy at Allegra. Contentious too!
  122. TheCoffeeTweet: Listening to the Pret talk at the Allegra strategies event with Hugo
  123. TheCoffeeTweet: Just back from Caffe Culture - epic few days. Lots of great ideas and
  124. TheCoffeeTweet: Nice to see our wee book so high in the business charts in Amazon! ht
  125. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee leader's summit report (No 1) on the blog - http://thecoffeebo
  126. coffee_forums: Vist this link to see who is offering a chance to win a Rancilio Coffe
  127. coffee_forums: RT @5MCoffee: What search engine terms would you enter to find a mobil
  128. coffee_forums: How well do you know your target market? An article to get you thinkin
  129. coffee_forums: Check in at Coffee Forums UK to see if you have won the May registrati
  130. coffee_forums: @commongrind - nice pics - don't forget to upload them to http://coffe
  131. coffee_forums: Does anyone know the owner of RateMyRosetta.com? Worried that spammers
  132. TheCoffeeTweet: Hotel and Caterer article about our new report http://su.pr/1zOKbO -
  133. coffee_forums: Happy 1st Birthday to us... http://ow.ly/gdDT
  134. TheCoffeeTweet: Coffee republic heading for administration - http://su.pr/1u2xaN - No
  135. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @jimseven First video blog is up: http://bit.ly/Je6Ut (Well worth
  136. TheCoffeeTweet: Starbucks using Facebook to promote ice cream - http://su.pr/A4965a
  137. TheCoffeeTweet: Herald article on coffee shops (esp. Coffee Republic) with contributi
  138. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @dose_espresso I'm gonna say it again- AMAZING, I've yet to see a
  139. coffee_forums: With the demise of Coffee Republic this week - how safe do you think y
  140. TheCoffeeTweet: New blog post - our take on the demise of O'Briens and the rise of Ea
  141. coffee_forums: Check in at Coffee Forums UK to see if you have won the June registrat
  142. coffee_forums: Poll: How long are you prepared to stand in line to be served when ord
  143. TheCoffeeTweet: http://su.pr/7XGfsj What do you think about Starbucks opening new sit
  144. TheCoffeeTweet: How @coffeegroundz used Twitter to grow their business - http://su.pr
  145. TheCoffeeTweet: Should you give away an AK-47 with every cup of coffee? http://su.pr/
  146. TheCoffeeTweet: Looking for inspiration to create an errrr... inspirational brand - w
  147. coffee_forums: A new group has been created on Coffee Forums UK for anyone living or
  148. coffee_forums: Gaggia UK sold to Philips - Service Update and Q&A on Coffee Forums -
  149. coffee_forums: Latest Coffee Bean Review - Costa Rican from Londinium Espresso (@lesp
  150. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK - forum upgrade taking place in the next 48 hours - f
  151. coffee_forums: @gingerandwhite We're coming to visit on Saturday. Thanks for the link
  152. coffee_forums: RT @teaforums Tea Forums is back online. We're starting fresh. Will yo
  153. coffee_forums: @kiwicoffeeman Do you have the live streaming link for me to put on Co
  154. coffee_forums: @kiwicoffeeman Thanks :) http://tr.im/x1vv
  155. coffee_forums: Are you the winner our our latest competition? Check here to find out
  156. coffee_forums: The 'Juice' has gone... http://tr.im/yuWP - The last few shots were t
  157. coffee_forums: RT @coffee_forums: Francis Francis X1 (in Orange) - Brand New in Box -
  158. coffee_forums: RT @teaforums: Just discovered #teamergency and their lovely @tea_robo
  159. coffee_forums: Have you won our September Registration Competition Prize of a CupKozy
  160. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK is only 2 members away from welcoming it's 500th memb
  161. coffee_forums: Wanted: gaggia syncrony digital or compact - http://bit.ly/49YTep
  162. coffee_forums: Awesome - we got a plug in the Guardian - http://bit.ly/3nUn74 - no wo
  163. coffee_forums: Our October Registration Competition Winner has been announced. Click
  164. coffee_forums: Employment wanted in the Coffee Industry by experienced Barista / Trai
  165. coffee_forums: Have you won the Coffee Forums UK competition for November? - Check he
  166. TheCoffeeTweet: Finally we release our second coffee shop book! http://tinyurl.com/y8
  167. coffee_forums: Does anyone have any contacts / hints of where a member can buy a Gagg
  168. coffee_forums: Have you submitted your entry for the 'Cafe' category of the Restauran
  169. coffee_forums: Merry Christmas to all our valued members. Thanks for contributing thi
  170. coffee_forums: Are you the December registration competition winner on Coffee Forums
  171. coffee_forums: Thanks for the plug Papillon - http://bit.ly/8HkDoe (inclusion on the
  172. coffee_forums: How to descale a Gaggia Classic - http://bit.ly/9e0z5a (a step-by-step
  173. coffee_forums: RT @5MCoffee: Pre-registration required for FREE entry to UKBC Finals
  174. TheCoffeeTweet: RT @coffeenumber1: We've blogged again! Have a read: Nancy Stars as C
  175. coffee_forums: Elektra Micro Casa Coffee Machine For Sale on Coffee Forums UK - http:
  176. coffee_forums: Follow the UKBC SE Heat from start to finish (both days). We'll be twe
  177. coffee_forums: If you're in London today or tomorrow head to Rich Mix in Bethnal Gree
  178. coffee_forums: Congratulations @estellecoffee for winning day 1 of the #UKBC SouthEas
  179. coffee_forums: Baristas are arriving and setting up. First competitor is @accousticco
  180. TheCoffeeTweet: @Estelle_Coffee Nice one Estelle - well done (JR)
  181. coffee_forums: Day 2 Results: 3rd. Dale Harris 2nd. James Phillips 1st. Neil Le Bih
  182. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK is back online. Server replaced after disk failure. B
  183. coffee_forums: Heading to Hotelympia this weekend for the #UKBC? don't forget to pre-
  184. coffee_forums: RT @WBC2010: Volunteer opportunities available. Register to volunteer
  185. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums hopes to bring you updates from the #ukbc semi-finals at
  186. TheCoffeeTweet: My thoughts on The Independent "Top 50 Coffee Shops" feature. http://
  187. coffee_forums: Congratulations to the 6 finalists for the UKBC. a report will be post
  188. coffee_forums: RT @getnoticed: Follow @ukbc for twitter updates today or watch the li
  189. coffee_forums: RT @getnoticed: 3: Neil Le Bihan 2: Dale Harris and the winner is...
  190. coffee_forums: Can anyone recommend a few good cafes in Ottawa? http://tinyurl.com/y8
  191. coffee_forums: RT @AeropressUK: Final day at Hotelympia London. Pop along to try out
  192. coffee_forums: Additional security settings have been introduced to combat the growin
  193. coffee_forums: We are upgrading the forum software today so you may experience short
  194. coffee_forums: What features would you like to see introduced on Coffee Forums UK? Th
  195. coffee_forums: We're listening to (and acting upon) your requests. New forum now live
  196. coffee_forums: Poll: http://bit.ly/b7rAaQ What espresso based drink do you drink the
  197. coffee_forums: Welcome all new members of Coffee Forums UK. Don't forget to introduce
  198. coffee_forums: @thanetcoffee (coffeeman) Welcome to Coffee Forums UK & thanks for fil
  199. coffee_forums: Does anyone have a Gaggia (Nespresso) Automat user manual? If so, we
  200. coffee_forums: We now have a Wiki, take a looky (and add stuff!) --> http://bit.ly/cD
  201. coffee_forums: @smythrob Were you able to vote? Tweaks have been made to open up more
  202. coffee_forums: RT @bathcoffee: Bath Coffee Festival newsletter ready for issue. Sign
  203. coffee_forums: For Sale: BNIB Delonghi Prima Donna ESAM 6600 600 plus postage http:/
  204. coffee_forums: Price Drop: http://bit.ly/aThDoA
  205. coffee_forums: Special Bean Review being posted tomorrow night. Check online at 8pm
  206. coffee_forums: RT @_SCAE: On the SCAE Blog - Guest Colin Smith asks for your votes fo
  207. coffee_forums: Last night we set a challenge to guess the bean being reviewed XXXX XX
  208. coffee_forums: The @mypressitwist was taken out on the road along with Kopi Luwak bea
  209. coffee_forums: New Poll: Whats the oldest roasted coffee you have seen for sale? http
  210. coffee_forums: Floating an idea and would love to get your thoughts http://tinyurl.co
  211. coffee_forums: Looking for a mobile coffee van? http://bit.ly/92uUuF
  212. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums down for some urgent maintenance - apologies for the sho
  213. coffee_forums: One week to go until Bath Coffee Festival. Make sure you follow @bathc
  214. coffee_forums: RT @Coffee_Creation: Clearance sale items - http://shop.ebay.co.uk/ara
  215. coffee_forums: Headed to Bath Coffee Festival? Tweet us to meet us!
  216. coffee_forums: Does anyone know who roasts 'La Scala' coffee? http://tinyurl.com/349h
  217. coffee_forums: Well done @bathcoffee for a brilliantly executed Bath Coffee Festival.
  218. coffee_forums: RT @WeLoveBath: Great review of @bathcoffee, by @getnoticed http://5mc
  219. coffee_forums: @lahlootea You got a mention here too. http://5mcoffee.com/coffeeblog/
  220. coffee_forums: Coffee Forums UK is getting ready to welcome it's 800th member - could
  221. coffee_forums: Drink coffee? visit Love Bees http://lovebees.co.uk .Arabica is self f
  222. coffee_forums: @york_coffee Get yourself along to Coffee Forums for a spot of network
  223. coffee_forums: Theres a new banner up - supporting a good cause (@coffeekids) on @cof
  224. coffee_forums: RT @CoffeeKidsUK: @coffee_forums Thanks for the promo!! And your suppo
  225. coffee_forums: RT @chrisweaver : Interactive CV - http://bit.ly/a2mMic
  226. coffee_forums: Isomac Zaffiro Thermosat wanted: http://tinyurl.com/25m8fmq.
  227. coffee_forums: Bag yourself a bargain - nearly new Iberital MC2 grinder for 85 plus
  228. coffee_forums: RT @5MCoffee: New 5M Blog Entry: Social Media Explosion http://ow.ly/
  229. coffee_forums: RT @coffeekids: Check out Coffee Kids/WBC auction! Proceeds support co
  230. coffee_forums: @CoffeeCupNews Coffee Forum - http://coffeeforums.co.uk :-)
  231. coffee_forums: Make sure you visit the @CoffeeKidsUK stand at Caffe Culture and put p
  232. coffee_forums: Thankyou everyone who donated at the @coffeekidsuk stand at Caffe Cult
  233. coffee_forums: Would you like to sample beans from several WBC 2010 competitors? Chec
  234. coffee_forums: Couldn't make WBC2010? Don't fret - visit this link for a chance to wi
  235. coffee_forums: WBC Competitors coffee is arriving in peoples letterboxes already... h
  236. coffee_forums: Thanks @AeropressUK for the link to http://bit.ly/9AjKrd from your si
  237. coffee_forums: @earltedly Thanks for the RT. Enjoying the coffee at Taylor St in Brig
  238. coffee_forums: RT @bathcoffee: All coffee lovers, pencil in 21 & 22 May 2011 for Bath
  239. coffee_forums: New logo ideas invited for Coffee Forums UK - http://bit.ly/9LPTri
  240. coffee_forums: RT @OrganicLinker: Just added a wildlife section to our growing forum!
  241. coffee_forums: Guardian article on Kopi Luwak http://tinyurl.com/25d8d7c . We review
  242. coffee_forums: RT @UKCoffeeWeek: http://ukcoffeeweek.co.uk/Look out for our new websi
  243. coffee_forums: Is your local cafe supporting UK Coffee Week? http://bit.ly/d4WgQ4
  244. coffee_forums: "...driven to distraction by the small size of your drip tray, conside
  245. coffee_forums: @faenrique @iambrianjones Theres a video and discussion about of Cuban
  246. coffee_forums: Welcome all new @coffee_forums members. Thanks for joining http://coff
  247. coffee_forums: Please give a warm welcome to @FairfaxCoffee and support our first sit
  248. coffee_forums: Thanks to the 900 of you who have become members of Coffee Forums UK!
  249. coffee_forums: RT @CoffeeKidsUK: Thanks everyone who helped out with the reception la
  250. coffee_forums: Poll: How did you hear about Coffee Forums UK? http://bit.ly/8X6Wod