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  1. Remembering customers orders
  2. Being an eco-friendly coffee bar
  3. Food Miles and Coffee
  4. Latte Art - do you?
  5. Organic Coffee
  6. Competitions.
  7. Offering receipts
  8. Milk bottle tops
  9. Barista Exchange (the site)
  10. Coffee Cup Sleeves
  11. Trieste Espresso Expo - Nov 13-15 2008
  12. Soil Association Organic Fortnight
  13. Does the Weather effect your business?
  14. How do you deal with a celebrity?
  15. Peruvian Coffee - briefly featured on BBC2
  16. Cleaning Steam Wands
  17. Helping out Trainee Baristas
  18. Buying goods from Farmers Markets
  19. McCafe's targetting traditional coffee shop clientele
  20. bio take away cups
  21. UK Barista Championships BARISTA JAMS
  22. Coloured Cup Lids
  23. UCDA takes decisive action over poor quality coffee
  24. Dealing with freeloaders
  25. Torotonto to ban paper cups by the end of 2009
  26. Newspapers
  27. Is Fairtrade really fair?
  28. Coffee to be served in some UK travel agencies
  29. Adding sugar to a customers drink
  30. Career Progression Timelines - chain stores
  31. Towels and other competition wares
  32. Welcome to the new support forum!
  33. The importance of checking Visa status
  34. £ / € - are you affected?
  35. Milk - Seasonal Variance - is there such a thing?
  36. Could coffee ever hope to replace Diesel?
  37. Keeping in touch with your clients using Twitter
  38. Staying profitable
  39. Know your beans
  40. Special Treats for Valentines Day
  41. Checking Footfall prior to normal opening times
  42. Laws and Regs
  43. unfair treatment of employees in coffee shops
  44. Returned drinks - do you get offended?
  45. The price of a latte could be 83% of a persons daily food allowance
  46. Poll: Interviews with UK Coffee Industry personalities
  47. Bring your Own Coffee Cup
  48. Minimum Wage Increases
  49. Ceramic cups
  50. Getting to industry events - going by train?
  51. Know your target market (and adapt to suit)
  52. Coffee Query UK, USA, eBay, Amazon related
  53. insulating boilers?
  54. How safe is your job?
  55. Reach out to your audience with Twitter Polls
  56. Importing beans...
  57. Cupping Survey
  58. Starbucks goes Fair Trade
  59. Business advice needed please
  60. Importing High Quality Ethiopian Coffee
  61. Feedback REquired on the Anfim Brand of Espresso Grinders
  62. Alternative Brewing Methods
  63. Portable bullet proof coffee machine
  64. Advice Please
  65. Hello and help
  66. Moo Cards for Marketing
  67. need Help in buying coffee van and other stuffs please
  68. Milk
  69. Timing shots...
  70. opening a coffee shop
  71. New Cafe Opening in Leicestershire
  72. What is the perfect coffee shop design?
  73. Could REALLY do with a break!!
  74. Becoming an espresso engineer
  75. waste a shot, or serve it cold?
  76. Marketing plans/strategies
  77. Starting a Mobile Coffee Business
  78. Location, location, location. How does it work?
  79. Dosing chamber or no dosing chamber?
  80. What can you do with the used coffee grounds ?
  81. Opening a new coffee shop
  82. which coffee machine for my shop?
  83. Bad coffee - does it matter to joe public?
  84. Coffeshop/Cafe data needed
  85. How financially successful can an independent coffee house be?
  86. Help with permits
  87. How many staff and what is a south west salary for staff?
  88. Whats in a name? Cup and cone coffee traders...
  89. What % of customers buy food with their coffee's?
  90. Mobile Trading
  91. Presentation
  92. Wiring!
  93. Caffe Culture 2011 snippets
  94. The Coffeeboys
  95. Crockery for a new Coffee/Cake shop
  96. Where to find/ How to employ the best staff
  97. My setup
  98. Decaf in a non coffee centric cafe
  99. Need help. Should I buy?
  100. La Marzocco?
  101. Calculating number of covers
  102. Uses for Chaff
  103. Coffee labelling requirements
  104. Value of public (coffee) demonstrations
  105. Market research?
  106. Really need some help..Im taking the plunge into a coffee shop !!
  107. Coffee Shop....
  108. Recommendations for web services pse
  109. Requirement for Toilets
  110. Manager Needed
  111. Scam warning
  112. What is your mark up on a typical drink?
  113. Can there be too many coffee shops?
  114. The beast has landed
  115. boiler protection
  116. Baileys and Brandy etc
  117. Phenolic defect in coffee beans
  118. Coffee Cups
  119. Coffee Shop Decor
  120. Questions about importing beans
  121. Coffee Shop Furniture...
  122. Would no experience be a huge problem?
  123. Job vacancy - Coffee Auditor Required
  124. P&L Forecast template
  125. what to do when its time to let go of your cafe
  126. Consultancy needed
  127. Planning to recruit baristas
  128. Alcohol license
  129. Couple of questions
  130. Paper Coffee Cup Suppliers
  131. Industry publications
  132. Forecasting number of customers
  133. which coffee to sell
  134. Help
  135. Machine & Bean Advice Please
  136. Indecision
  137. Starbucks pay just changed... where to switch to?
  138. Mobile Coffee business - any advice please?
  139. Espresso machine leasing
  140. Planning woes
  141. Make your shop more inviting.
  142. Pay
  143. Help please
  144. Business owners with coffee machines - teach!
  145. Counter or table service?
  146. Novel ideas for increasing takeaway sales?
  147. Fracino Espresso Machines
  148. simply coffee shops
  149. Training required - Please help
  150. Industry Magazines
  151. Bean to Cup Machine nightmare.
  152. Writing really good coffee menu descriptions
  153. Taking the plunge!
  154. Epos
  155. Matthew Algie
  156. Coffee supplier in London
  157. Planning code/laws on a roaseary in the UK?
  158. Distributing a single origin coffee
  159. Nitty Gritty of the Financials
  160. flavoured coffee beans
  161. tea and coffee ware
  162. A jobs board to help coffee shop owners hire staff
  163. How much quality can i produce on a duel fuel mobile machine?
  164. Educating yet pleasing the masses...
  165. Mobile Coffee Van
  166. I'd love some advice
  167. Dual or single prices..what do you think?
  168. Making money outside of office hours
  169. Making money outside of office hours
  170. Cafe/Restaurant Telecoms
  171. Experiences Running an Online Coffee Shop
  172. A new campaign to help coffee businesses
  173. Habitat Cafe - The jobs are up!!
  174. Branded takeaway cups suppliers?
  175. Legal stuff/ authorities for selling coffee online
  176. Barista apparel
  177. Coffee Boys "Cracking the Coffee Shop Code" Course
  178. Woohoo!! Business Rates Relief Ahoy.
  179. Market Research Agencies?
  180. Cafe Planner - Maximise Profits
  181. Music Room Lancaster - looking for a barista
  182. Filter coffee offering for a coffee shop
  183. I want to sell coffee beans and roasters
  184. Free advertising for cafes
  185. Coffee Trailer Wanted
  186. Coffee Supplies UK
  187. Coffee sizes.... Small/Large or Regular/Large?
  188. Roasters and Green coffee beans
  189. Barista Training in East Anglia?
  190. Barista Vacancy
  191. Espresso machine for shop newbies
  192. Coffee roasting in your espresso bar
  193. Job Opportunity.............
  194. A bit of market research - your views welcome!
  195. Sourcing ethical beans?
  196. Utilities
  197. Best Barista Training in UK
  198. New Coffee Shop soon ..Book keeping software
  199. Best start-up machine?
  200. How many cups do you sell a day?
  201. New Shop soon advice on what is needed
  202. Help to start roasting coffee!
  203. Deforestation by coffee
  204. Absolute minimum..
  205. Looking for outdoor events for our coffee van. Suggestions please?
  206. Colombia halts talks with Coffee Growers
  207. Looking for Coffee Supplier
  208. Survey: CSR in UK coffee sector
  209. Searching for 10oz cups
  210. New Machine - Help Please!
  211. Starting up a mobile coffee business
  212. Label Manufacturers?
  213. Percentage of footfall likely to become customers?
  214. Typical rent paid against asking price ?
  215. Barista UK Champion music video
  216. Good POS for 200+ customers per day
  217. Where to start?
  218. (Business) Planning Woes
  219. Pure roasted civet coffee
  220. Researching The Opening a Coffee Shop - Location and Premises - Tips?
  221. Soon to be - new coffee shop owner
  222. Setting up a food market coffee stall - advice?
  223. A brand new "Flavoured Coffee Website"
  224. Sales opportunity
  225. Property Identified could be taking the plunge again
  226. Required equipment for van
  227. New Gourmet Coffee Site
  228. Music in shops
  229. Cup size..
  230. Coffe cart electrical kit-out?
  231. Mobile Coffee Business
  232. Hi!
  233. Find some good espresso machine for selling online.
  234. Coffee van business
  235. New here! looking for a new modern coffee wholesaler / trainer to take cafe to next
  236. Looking for source fully automatic(second hand)
  237. Bespoke cake display
  238. New Smokey Barn HQ
  239. Barista needed for Aquashard
  240. Getting a Website to Rank on Google
  241. New café – help needed
  242. Pennine Tea and Coffee
  243. Floor plan feedback please.
  244. opening a new coffee shop
  245. which coffee machine and beans
  246. How much rent is reasonable?
  247. Coffee shop counters
  248. Barista needed for Oslar Coffee Wokingham
  249. For sale item
  250. New mobile food van venture - Advice Needed!