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  11. Classic
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  13. Cafelat Blue Silicone Group Head Gasket - Which Way Up?
  14. Cafelat Blue Silicone Group Head Gasket - Which Way Up?
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  16. Corrosion in steam wand
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  18. Top Fill Water Reservoir Gaggia Classic
  19. Gaggia Classic 2006 Made in italy 1300w Is it good as a starter model?
  20. OPV Pressure Tester
  21. D90 flashing T5 during manual operation
  22. steam
  23. still no joy gaggia selecta
  24. What am I doing wrong?
  25. What tamper for triple basket?
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  28. Classic and Cubika.
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  30. Gaggia Carezza.
  31. O bugger
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  33. Residue issue
  34. Classic pump
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  40. More about impossible to load portafilters...
  41. Is anyone interested in slim drip trays?
  42. Trouble steaming milk for latte art
  43. V3 conversion kit
  44. Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Boiler
  45. Gaggia Classic 2015 PID installed
  46. Invensys pump upgrade - Gaggia Classic?
  47. Uneven Pour from double spout group handle
  48. Strip down / Clean on Classic
  49. New Gaggia
  50. Gaggic classic (new one) Vs Rancilio Silvia vs Sage duo temp
  51. Very slow drip drip of coffe through the portafilter
  52. Gaggia 'Coffee' machine (c.18yrs old) - no water through group head
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  54. Classic steam valve from where ?
  55. Gaggia Shallow Drip Tray
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  60. Classic Steam Value removal.
  61. PID Temperatures for steam?
  62. Gran Deluxe leaking from the brew unit?
  63. Gaggia classic - swapped stream valve and shower player holder... all good except...
  64. Generic upgrade question.
  65. For tricky shower screen screws but be quick..........
  66. Steam Valve - Difference between 2 models
  67. Gaggia basket questions
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  70. Vertical Steam Valve PA1037/A (for Paros)
  71. Gaggia boiler thermal cut out switches
  72. OPV Mod - Wow!
  73. What mods do you want?
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  75. Links to various mods for Gaggia Classic
  76. Super Simple preinfusion idea
  77. Modding steam valve for cleaning?
  78. Gaggia Classic Solenoid Nut
  79. Internal cleaning advice
  80. Question on Classic 2015 power cut-out
  81. Removal: Pos 61 3-pole self locking pin
  82. Mold the ends of the Gaggia teflon tube
  83. Free broken Tebe or eBay classic
  84. Gaggia pump problem
  85. Messed up my rancilio wand update.........
  86. Single group gaggia d90 stopped heating water
  87. Looking for someone in London to fix my Gaggia Classic - solenoid? Will pay 💰
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  89. Gaggia Classic Poorly
  90. Any Ulka pump experts out there?
  91. Gaggia Setup Valuation Question
  92. GAGGIA PLATINUM groung coffee brewing
  93. De-scaling brass dispersion plate colour went from gold to copper, is this safe?
  94. Brass shower plate holder - will it react with something up in there?
  95. Baby Class vs Classic vs Cubika
  96. 3D printer - Drip tray
  97. Old Gaggia PF free to a good home - Good DIY naked PF project
  98. Gaggia Classic spitting coffee at me
  99. Budget PID REX-C100 for Classic
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  101. Gaggia Classic is about to jump off my counter
  102. Leaky portafilter or group head?
  103. Unable to turn portafilter when full of choice
  104. Black water after descale. Help!
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  110. Help - no water thru brewhead - where to start?!
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  112. Gaggia baby - brew and steam problem.
  113. Integrated Pressure Gauge
  114. After a descale of a Gaggia Classic
  115. What shot glasses to weigh shots on a classic?
  116. PID blew up... Help?
  117. Classic steam power issue (inconsistant) - advice needed.
  118. Can anyone identify this basket please?
  119. Blowing off steam - through the wand or group head?
  120. 10-15 minute warm up time rule.
  121. Benefits of reducing pump pressure
  122. Gaggia baby with silvia steam wand ...1 hole or 3 holes
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  129. Tamping Classic pressurised basket.
  130. Servicing for Gaggia Classic? (London/South East if poss)
  131. Gaggia PID Boiler temp during brewing
  132. Replacement Water Tank
  133. Shower screen screw has rounded
  134. It's never a "bargain" classic
  135. Buying Pre-Owned Gaggia Classics - What to look out for?
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  140. GC portafilter loosening during shot
  141. Newbie question: are all 58mm portafilters compatible with GC?
  142. Classic ain't pushing shots
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  147. Gaggia TS
  148. Drain Gaggia Classic boiler before shipping?
  149. Buying a gaggia classic
  150. Largest IMS basket to fit standard gaggia portafilter?
  151. Classic Shot Spraying - Solved........
  152. Constipated Gaggia Classic 2004 vintage
  153. IMS Basket
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  156. Ball ended alan keys /opv adjustment
  157. What the OPV!!
  158. another "Killed my Gaggia " thread
  159. Anyway to test/benchmark the Solenoid?
  160. Can't stop my Gaggia Classic! Brew switch not working and funny smell
  161. A New Gaggia owner
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  163. Not pouring water when machine is hot
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  169. Got my first Gaggia
  170. Is this choking?
  171. Reddish colour post disassembly and descaling
  172. Classic not heating up.
  173. Help Diagnose a Problem
  174. Gaggia Classic exessive water pipe mod
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  176. pre made pressure gauge for OVP Mod
  177. Non-pressurized filter for gaggia classic RI9403/11
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  185. Gaggia classic fuse blowing
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  188. Gaggia Tebe
  189. Condensation in PF basket
  190. Difficulty removing puck
  191. Diferrence between stainless steel used for production of Gaggia Classic chassis
  192. Gaggia + PID cycle (not working as it's supposed to)
  193. Noisy motor on precious old MDF...please help.
  194. Classic overheating
  195. Gaggia Classic do I have a problem?
  196. Shower screen issue?
  197. Do i buy a new machine or get my Baby fixed?
  198. Gaggia Classic: descaling / cleaning water pump, silicon and Teflon tubes?
  199. Descaling with sulfuric acid or bleach?
  200. Classic slow delivery
  201. Second Hand Classic on its way
  202. IMS integrated shower screen GA200
  203. Newbie
  204. Gaggia Cubika
  205. Electrical fault
  206. Gaggia Color service life
  207. Gaggia Evolution water not getting hot enough
  208. Temp question for people with PID
  209. Group seal on Cubikaplus
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  211. Gaggia Classic/Acaia Pearl
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  213. Wonky Pump?...
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  215. Gaggia TS Reborn
  216. My classic pressure gauge mod
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  223. Apply lubricating grease when changing gasket?
  224. Gaggia Classic
  225. Classic steam wand
  226. Another possible solenoid problem.
  227. Is the brew switch the culprit?...
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  243. What is it worth??
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  245. Newbie with a Gaggia Classic
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