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    • I live in Melbourne. Best city in the world. Sorry London, you're number 2. Have been buying beans and boiling them to death in my Moka pot for years from these guys at my local market (see pic). Not gonna mention a name, but if you've ever been to this place you will know them. Lovely people who run it and work there.  Now I've upped my game with a grinder, espresso machine and a pour over set up. It was actually by having my first WOW moment with an amazing Rwandan at a quality local roasters, Veneziano that got me in to all this. Excellent single origin beans from them Bagged and sealed on the day of roast. Its pretty Hipster, but I've loved spending time at their cafe, trying all the varieties and almost nailing the same flavours at home. Chatting with the baristas and the roasters there has been great for my knowledge. These guys are at the top of their game. Melbourne doesn't fuck about with its coffee.  Now i'm trying to fall back in love with the beans from my old place at the market, because its almost half the price, (I'm spending over $100 a month on the fancy stuff) but after trying a few different single origins, i think i may be noticing an obvious step down in overall quality compared to my hipster place. The range is great, but the staff have no exact idea of roast dates on their product. "within the last week or so" is the general answer. I've seen them pour out large 5kg bags in to the tubs, not sealed in any way, just rolled up.  Do you guys think that the way they sell their beans, open, unsealed and scooped out as you buy them is detrimental to quality? They might be sitting there for a few days for all we know. Is bagged and sealed on the day of roast the only way to go? More importantly do you think they are probably buying in lower grade beans? Whats your thoughts on places that sell beans in this way? Pablo. x
    • When I joined the forum around a decade ago James Gourmet, along with Hasbean, were the darlings of the forum. In a world where third wave hadn't even really got off the ground and most beans being sold, even in the so called speciality market, were stale and over roasted, they were really well loved. Fast forward ten years and it's hard to even remember those days. There must be at least 20 times as many quality focused roasters as there was then, but whenever I've gone back to JG they've been spot on. They really don't get the respect they deserve as pioneers of the online market boom which we all now take advantage of.
    • Hi, That's an interesting question but you might be better off putting it on one of the more general (less machine specific) sub-forums as it's relevant to all E61 group machines and you would be likely to get many more views. I think that opinions on this subject vary widely. There are factors which will effect the rate at which the coffee oils and other contaminants build up. For example, the type of coffee you are using, the frequency of use, hardness of water etc. I have a Verona (so also an E61 lever machine) and pull about 3 to 6 double shots on it on an average day. I guess that I back flush with detergent every two to three months and find that to be plenty. I once left it much longer but became aware that there was a significant reduction in the quality of the taste and crema of the coffee I was brewing. The subsequent clean out resolved that immediately. The key thing is that it is absolutely critical that you re-lubricate the cam and valve pin ends after every detergent back flush. Not doing so will lead to rapid wear of the valve pin ends which will cease to be 'square' against the cam and that will cause the group to stop functioning properly. Dave Corby has written an excellent guide on how to do that but I'm not sure if it's on this Forum (although I would have thought it should be). However, although it's not difficult to do, you certainly wouldn't want to be doing it every day ! Hope that’s of some help.
    • We'll worth it. A favourite of mine too! 
    • It certainly sounds like you are on the right track with a Sage, when I read your comments. However, that said, also within your budget is the possibility of a manual espresso maker. Is that something you’d be interested in? A well-made & well-regarded manual device (e.g., Cafelat Robot or Flair Espresso lever devices) will cost you less and might also have better resale value than the used Barista, should you decide (after a bit of brewing) you really don’t want to pursue the espresso path. With a good handgrinder (MBK) and a Robot or Flair, you are looking at maybe £300 (to £400) for everything you need. Add a cheap scale for weighing your beans and your shot, you are well set up for a very tasty espresso. A manual espresso maker, with a pressure gauge, is an excellent way to learn how to play with pressure and temperature (as well as brew ratios & extraction timing & “dialling in”). It gives you a great understanding of all aspects of espresso brewing.
    • Hi As title.. steam comes out group head and not frother.. no steam from frother. Happened after I let the steam on for too long. Suspect tube or switch somewhere has detached or melted or? Can anyone tell me how to fix it. Pics or step by step instructions.   I can unscrew the back easily.   Thankyou  
    • I store batches of 4 doses in a small bag (“vacuum-straw” seal), and when needed, I very quickly remove required beans & pop the bag back in freezer (having quickly removed air, of course). Pretty fast, really, but not as convenient as single-dose test tubes.
    • Ps: this thread earlier in the month is similar to this one:   Post's & members https://coffeeforums.co.uk/index.php?/topic/47084-Post%27s-%26-members   Well... I’ve been busy changing the group seals of my La Pav...   At least for me, after the big upgrade which didn’t go so well, it feels to me that posting here lost its appeal. Searches which don’t work, threads from over 5 years ago showing up in the new posts.... new members showing up who just need help “right now” but have no intention of contributing to the community. A quick search - if it worked - would have got their answer straight away.   I don’t know... it’s one of those things. Sometimes people just need a not so positive experience or bad press to re-evaluate their habits.   I still check the forum every day, but sometimes don’t feel I have much to contribute anymore.     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk    
    • Is this a blend? The name seems to imply it.
    • Very nice indeed. I tried growing herbs and I just neglected them and they died. I mean, they flourished and spread like wildfire to begin with. But then they pretty much all gave up the ghost at once. I think that basically makes me the world’s worst gardener.
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